Only through knowledge can we protect.

Water Management, Sanitation, Irrigation and Environmental Protection

What is AquaCon Engineering plc.?

  • an Ethiopian consulting and engineering company established by a decision of partners in 2014

  • working in geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, geophysics, water management, mining and environmental studies and protection and sanitation in Ethiopia and internationally

  • able to support its investigation, consulting, research and engineering services by staff with national and international experience and with deep knowledge in groundwater mapping, water resources assessment and monitoring, geophysical measurements, water works and sanitation, engineering design, irrigation schemes, feasibility studies, implementation of remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems and databases, surface and groundwater modelling, hydrology

  • registered with Ethiopian Investment Agency, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Energy and Ethiopian Revenues and the Customs Agency

  • company capital (investment capital) of 150 000 USD

Address in the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

  • Tsehay Complex, third floor (304 and 305), District 14, Bole Sub-City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, P.O. Box 46230
  • Investment Permit: EIA-IP/023436/07
  • Commercial Registration Certificate: EIA-PC/01/004960/07
  • Business license (Trade license): EIA-OL/3735/2015
  • Certificate of Consulting Firm - grade I (Competency Certificate): WRCE/1/025
  • Taxpayer Registration Certificate (TIN number): 0044614641
  • VAT Registration Certificate (VAT number): 8846430010
  • Tel.: +251 (0)933191051
  • Address in the Czech Republic

  • AQUATEST a.s., Geologicka 4, 152 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic
  • tel.: +420 737 822 632 (Business Director)
  • e-mail:
  • Reg. Number: 44 79 48 43 (CZ)
  • Data Box: sg9cva8
  • Address in the Czech Republic

  • Ircon s.r.o. Rybalkova 1433/14, Vinohrady, 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic
  • Tel.: +420 737 227 566
  • Reg. Number: 27 10 22 46 (CZ)
  • Services

    Water, geology, waste, environment, remediation, research and training.


    Water, sanitation, hygiene and flood protection. Waste, research, environment.


    Key staff members, personnel experience, language capabilities.


    Various pictures of our work.


    things we do to prove ourselves!

    Groundwater level monitoring

    Hydrogeological and hydrochemical maps of the Ethiopian territory at a scale of 1:250 000

    Amora Gedel Constructed Wetland Rehabilitation Project HAWASSA